About Us

At Life Science Nutritionals it is our goal to deliver high quality nutritional solutions that make it easy for our valued customer to maintain their health in today's fast paced world. Founded in 2005, Life Science Nutritionals specializes in the manufacturing of premium quality gummy vitamins for kids and adults of all ages. Our market leading IronKids vitamins give children an all natural choice in a gummy vitamin! No added fillers, sugar coating, artificial sweeteners or colours. These same high standards have been applied to our Adult Essentials brand. Canadian made, Adult Essentials is the first complete line of pectin based government approved gummy vitamins, specifically designed for adults. Both brands are guaranteed dairy, gluten and nut free. Our focus is developing innovative vitamin formulations that are all natural and make taking your daily vitamins fun and tasty.


Life Science Nutritionals Inc • 575, rue de Roxton, Acton Vale, Canada, QC, J0H 1A0 • Tel. 1-866-942-2429